20% per annum, guaranteed. With approval from BSP, insured by PDIC.


12 Responses to “Phil. Time Deposit”

  1. caloy samson said

    what bank is this?

  2. philtimedeposit said

    hi caloy, several banks offer this. if you would like more information on that, please send us your email address and we would be happy to give you the details.

  3. ben said

    Please send me more information about this time deposit interest 20%/year to email benso_ph@yahoo.com.


  4. Bernard Bajada said

    very interesting. please send further details to my email. thanks.

  5. Bernard Bajada said

    send details to my email ofwhomes@yahoo.com

  6. Melody dela Cruz said

    i am interested, please send details to my email address: mreobaldo@yahoo.com.ph

  7. Joel Christopher Marfa said

    Please let me know the bank name and other services. I’m very much interested. Please send details to my email address.


  8. Joel Christopher Marfa said

    Im very much interested. Please let me know what bank is this…please send details of other retail services thru my yahoo mail.


  9. Joel said

    email me also for the details please…thanks in advance

  10. josephine said

    i’m interested but is this still available today coz i remember that it was offered last year. anyways, i’d like more informaiton. thanks

  11. Henry Sia said

    Pls inform me names of banks and details of the offer.thanks

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